Luxury car manufacturer Ferrari has started working with a crypto payment processor BitPay, in order to receive bitcoins, ethereum a USD Coiny from their customers who are interested in this type of payment. This option is valid for now only in the USAhowever Europe should follow in 2024 and other regions.

To customers paying with cryptocurrencies no additional fees will be charged, said Ferrari’s Marketing and Sales Director Enrico Galliera. BitPay these payments at the time of the transaction converts to traditional currency, to avoid volatility issues. Galliera said the move will help the company reach customers who aren’t necessarily its clients but could afford a Ferrari.

Last year, Ferrari announced its commitment to a more sustainable operation, including reducing its ecological footprint. The adoption of energy-intensive cryptocurrencies may therefore appear to contradict this commitment. However, the company insists that the move does not stand in the way of its mission. Galliera emphasized the recent in his defense progress in reducing the carbon footprint of cryptocurrencies, such as greater use of renewable energy sources. And he revealed to Reuters that he plans to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2030.