Adobe just released the latest iterations of the apps Photoshop Elements a Premiere Elements. These versions with the label 2024 contain a number of new AI features that can significantly streamline the creative process. These features are powered by the new platform Adobe Sensei AI. This is a new tool that automatically selects objects and backgrounds to remove, modify or replace (for example, you can easily replace the sky in a photo). It appears to be a more tweaked version of Google’s Pixel Magic Eraser technology.

The new tools also make it easy to smooth the complexion and complete the line automatic intelligent corrections. In addition, Photoshop Elements 2024 uses artificial intelligence for creating new artistic effectswhich allow you to completely transform images into something that resembles famous works of art.

Adobe’s Sensei AI also makes it possible increase the scale of JPEG images and remove defects, which can create a smoother and more natural look. Since this format is not very popular among editors, the new feature could help change that.

But Photoshop also got other features that don’t use AI. For example, new color and tone presets, the ability to save photos as MP4 or GIF or lots of new edits in one click. There is even a novelty called Guided Edits (Modification Guide) that will teach you how to proceed more efficiently.

He got the premiere a set of new sound effects, such as reverb, and a number of built-in presets to create a unique atmosphere. As with Photoshop, there has been a visual overhaul that offers greater clarity.

Enhancements for both apps are now available for purchase either individually or bundled.