Sometimes it’s awfully simple. You have an excellent product that is sung about in every test, in every forum, and then it almost goes by itself. After all, the Czech N Club has only existed since last May and already has more than 360 members! Eighty participants gathered in Most on N Day this Tuesday.

Of course, most of them came with the “product” I mentioned at the beginning. Those of you who have been lucky enough to drive any version of the Hyundai i30 N, you will certainly agree with me that it is an exceptional achievement. I’ve written several times before that it’s not the fastest hot hatch or the most comfortable or attractive. However, the team around Albert Biermann has managed to create such a perfectly functional, fun and driving-nutritious package that the i30 N will thrill you on the circuit, on the beaten track and on the way to work / shopping you won’t suffer. It’s tougher, yes, but not completely unusable.

I also remembered the i30 N fastback with an automatic transmission during N Day. The best combination ever for me. Yes, the manual is of course even purer, more driver-like, but the automatic is better geared and ultimately faster. Maybe just in Most by about two seconds. And with a fastback as such, you can work with weight transfer more easily in corners thanks to the rear overhang. I’ll admit that I don’t have a hatchback/fastback duo driven like this to sign off on this, but experienced owners and racers talk about the fastback like this. Let’s believe them.

Anyway, once again it was some really fun rounds. Whether a hatchback or a fastback, the Hyundai i30 N can be beautifully prepared for a turn with a slightly offset rear end, and the front axle holds up wonderfully. And the two-liter engine with a power of 206 kW (in the Performance version) has exactly enough power that a beginner could afford to go to Most with it in search of the limits and, on the other hand, more than sufficiently entertain even a more advanced driver. Currently, I don’t know a more complex and successful hot hatch, and for a great price tag. “My” fastback Performance with an automatic will cost an absolutely amazing 879,990 CZK, and please, this is the most expensive of the entire i30 N range… The cheapest i30 N with a hatchback body, manual and a two-liter engine with an output of 184 kW is even 719,990 CZK.

Foto: Hyundai

About eighty “women” came to Most this Tuesday for Hyundai N Day.

Other participants of the meeting could also try out the attached fastback, there was also an i30 N Drive-N and a nimble i20 N available. Most often, however, the club members moved around the Mostec circuit in their own “enkas”, each of them had three twenty-minute drives at their disposal. If you’ve ever been to a circuit – for example as part of a track day – you know very well that this is already a solid portion. However, some also had a spare set of tires in stock…

In addition, you could have an instructor sit next to you on the circuit, who advised you on the track, brakes… one of them was Adam Kout, you may know him from the TCR Eastern Europe races, where he drives for the Janík Motorsport team with the Elantra N TCR.

Everyone in Most could try out this sharp racing car. Sure, dirty, on a racing simulator, but still there was always a long queue for the Elantra N TCR. Not to be, there was a race for a place in the N Club crew at the 4-hours Most, a seat in a serial i30 N (although it is “only” a serial car, but you drive in the professional team of Vašek Janík, which is an experience in itself) she secured the four fastest. On N Day, you could also improve your drifting skills, a specially modified i30 “easy drift” raced around the parking lot, which, thanks to the sleeves on the rear tires, pulled off the rear even at very low speeds.

The October event was already the third such track day that N Club members could enjoy. And how to actually become a member? All you have to do is own any Hyundai N (it doesn’t matter if it’s new or used), then registration is free. You can look forward not only to N Days, but with registration you will also receive a welcome package (a few branded N trinkets), half an hour of free driving on the circuit in Most or tickets to various motorsport events (TCR Eastern Europe, World Superbike Championship…). Membership also includes consulting, where you can turn to experts with virtually any N question/problem.

And if you are not an expert, someone skilled from N Club will definitely help/advise you. For the second time, I have become convinced that an extremely nice group of people, who are mainly interested in cars, has formed around the “women”. No posturing, but experiences behind the wheel. After all, my favorite i30 N is also like that. No extrovert dude, but basically an inconspicuous car that can do it. I will miss him.