Mansory can also modify luxury cars, but the Range Rover is definitely not one of its regular creations. It should, because the Heritage Edition precisely embodies its power and luxury.

After extravagant super sports and wild creations on the theme of the Lamborghini Urus, Mansory looked up at the majesty and luxury of the Range Rover. But this does not mean that he kept to the ground, on the contrary, he is again extreme in every respect.

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The Heritage Edition is limited to just three examples, which guarantees exclusivity. There will also be no shortage of attracting attention, as the otherwise distinguished Range Rover wears a complete carbon body kit. The idea was to add majesty and ferocity to the car. At the front, a new bumper with a wide opening, a louvre grille and a sports hood with air vents are used. The fenders have widening extensions smoothly transitioning into sharply cut sills. The rear is decorated with a bumper with a wild diffuser and four exhaust tips.

The overall impression is completed by decorated gills on the front doors, sporty mirror covers and a roof spoiler. The 24-inch Rolls-Royce design wheels with 295/30 R24 tires are completely unmissable. In many places we find modifier plaques or references to the Heritage edition.

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The interior, on the other hand, has gotten rid of flashy colors, and with its light blue hue, it resembles an ice kingdom. The graphics evoking the British flag are an absolute gem. This detail can be found on the center of the seats, the carpets, the dashboard in front of the passenger and the headliner. It is also dotted with diodes and creates a starry sky. Rear passengers enjoy a center console with carbon decor and tables made of the same material. The pair of chairs has electric position control and also offers footrest.

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For the completeness of the modification, Mansory increased the engine output to 592 hp with 835 Nm of torque. Consumption is said to have stabilized at 14.2 liters per 100 kilometers. That is, if you don’t often try acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds.