The successor to the Toyota MR2, a compact sports car produced in three generations between 1984 and 2007, has been regularly discussed in recent years. The Japanese automaker recently fueled speculation with the premiere of the FT-Se study.

The concept represents a classic sporty two-seater coupe, which, at first glance, does not look like an empty design exercise. Yes, some details are purely conceptual, but others look so realistic that we can imagine them on a production car.

Toyota itself describes the FT-Se as the future of electrification of the brand and a model of a powerful battery electric car, designed as one of the possible solutions for sports cars in the carbon neutral era. The car is said to use the experience gained by the Toyota Gazoo Racing team from motorsport.

Toyota FT-Se conceptVideo: Toyota

So the FT-Se differs from the MR2 in one extremely important way: instead of a mid-mounted combustion engine, it relies on an electric drivetrain. On the other hand, the batteries in the floor bring a low center of gravity and mass concentrated in the center of rotation, so the handling characteristics could be quite close to the MR2 in the final.

While the exterior is fairly close to a “normal” car, the interior, except perhaps for the seats and compact digital instrument panel, looks downright conceptual. For example, the design of the steering wheel, which is complemented by two touch screens on its sides, is impressive. These largely replace traditional controllers. A special feature is also the knee protectors, which are supposed to protect the driver from the high forces of lateral acceleration while driving.

What will come of it? Toyota has been considering a successor to the MR2 for a seriously long time, and the current successes with the fast GR models leave the door wide open for such a car, especially with a politically correct electric drivetrain. If only Toyota could find the appropriate technology in addition to courage…

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