Do the terms AMG, Liberty Walk, Mansory, Hennessey or even MTX mean something to you? Certainly yes, as they are various car modifiers that are either affiliated with car companies or operate completely independently.

To test your knowledge in this field, we have prepared for you the following series of quiz questions that will test how you are doing in the field of renowned car tuners. Don’t hesitate, we’re starting!

1. For which car company does the AMG tuner (now a division) work?

Photo: Lukáš Volšicky

2. The Mansory company is from?

Photo: Mansory

3. What does the abbreviation of the Czech modifier MTX mean?

Foto: Mikka

4. The Hennessey Performance company deals in modifying vehicles usually originating from?

Foto: Hennessey Performance

5. Is the American tuner Shelby American engaged in tuning brand cars?

Foto: Mecum Auctions

6. Can you think of one controversial Czech personality who had a weakness for vehicles modified by the Gemballa brand?

Photo: Gemballa

7. Which of these tuners improved the Skoda Scala that was actually sold in Germany in a limited edition?

Photo: Škoda Auto

8. Does the AC Schnitzer tuner mainly tune the vehicles of the group?

Photo: AC Schnitzer

9. What is the current (11/2023) name of Renault’s sports division?

Photo: Lukáš Kukla

10. Liberty Walk, a company known for extreme body modifications, is from?

Foto: Liberty Walk Performance

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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