The new Škoda Superb is officially here. We were present at the world premiere near Prague, and you can see how it looked there.

The new Škoda Superb has its world premiere. Unlike the premiere of its predecessor, which was officially revealed to the world for the first time on February 17, 2015 at the Karlín Forum and watched by over 800 guests from 35 countries, it was a slightly more intimate, but emotionally very fruitful event in a sports hall in Dolní Břežany, near Prague.

However, do not expect a village dance, because even in a small village they could be worldly. According to the information available on the website, the spatial object in the shape of a rotating ellipsoid reacts to current requirements and the unknown future, which is characteristic with regard to the European car industry. You know – the introduction of the Euro 7 emission standard, which could cut the price of available cars, or make them almost unaffordable products for private customers, electromobility, hydrogen… There are a lot of ideas, but we still don’t know for sure which of them will really catch on and will tolerable even for traditional motorists.

But let’s not spoil the mood with an uncertain future depending largely on the green fanatics of Brussels, when the present is still tolerable and so nice. I already described almost everything important about the new Superb in yesterday’s article and also added impressions from the first meeting in the studio in Mnichov Hradiště. Now I would like to introduce you to the atmosphere of the world premiere itself, which you could watch live from the comfort of your home on several channels. I was right there and it was spectacular.

The new Škoda Superb live for the first time: You won't recognize the police fighter anymore!  Brush washer, good luck

You can see how it looked at the world premiere of the latest new Škoda with a combustion engine in the gallery and in the attached video. The venue of the event, the sports hall in Dolní Břežany, is well known, but Škodovka transformed the environment around the hall and especially the entrance beyond recognition. The same goes for the interior, where, except for the stands, which cannot be moved, I almost did not recognize what kind of equipment it actually is.

At the same time, to a certain extent, it was a demonstration of the agility of the new Superb – after all, how else would four cars spin on the “playing” area during a precisely rehearsed choreography if they were not agile? And increasingly popular video mapping? It’s a great show, after all, in the gallery you can also find a photo of the ceiling of the hall, from which technology worth millions was hanging.

Škoda ingeniously solved the dispute between the two camps.  The new Superb and Kodiaq will be talked about for a long time

There were many Škoda personalities on the scene. Namely, for example Klaus Zellmer, chairman of the board of Škoda Auto, Martin Jahn, member of the board of Škoda Auto responsible for sales and marketing, Martin Hrdlička, head of engine and chassis development or people from design. Miroslav Donutil, who does not even need to be introduced, could not be overlooked either. In short and well, there was definitely someone to say hello to, someone to discuss with, someone to take a picture with. By the standards of the presentation of the last Superb, it was a modest event, but still quite intense.

It remains to repeat important information regarding prices and the start of production. According to information from Škoda, the prices will be published during the next week. Production of the station wagon will begin during the 48th calendar week of this year, and the first cars will be at dealers during the second quarter of next year. By that time, we should have completed the first test drives. Compared to the new generation Kodiaq SUV, the Superb will be slightly shifted.