For Mazda, the MX-5 is a traditional model with a firmly established character. It will remain a light sports car for drivers even in the electric version, but that will take a few more years. But don’t worry, even with the current generation you won’t be bored while waiting.

The current-generation Mazda MX-5 has been with us since 2014 and aspires to be the longest-lived “Miata” in the entire lineup. For the following year, it underwent modernization, which brought a changed shape of the LED headlights, a more modern multimedia device, a sports differential with limited slippage and increased power for the entry-level version with a volume of 1.5 liters.

This is how the designer dreamed up the new generation Mazda MX-5.  He used the Iconic SP concept as a basis

Regular upgrades help her stay fit and it looks like she’ll be with us for a long time to come. Shigeki Saito, who is behind the development of the MX-5, says that the current ND still has room to move forward and the automaker will use its potential for upcoming special editions. They also had a regional character in the past.

Consider the 30th Anniversary series from 2019 and the 100th Anniversary series released in 2020 to celebrate the brand’s logs. Then we have the 2015 Sport Recaro range and the 2020 R-Sport for the UK market. France also got a specific Eunos Edition model. Next year we will probably see a series commemorating 10 years of the ND generation.

The reason for keeping the current ND as long as possible is that the successor will likely be electric, but Mazda is not willing to compromise on its character. It is determined to keep the weight around one ton, which is not possible with current batteries. With the current development, he estimates the development of acceptable accumulators around 2028.

Mazda has a new special edition Nagisa with a gorgeous paint job.  The troika and CX-30 will also be available here

As Shigeki Saito revealed to the editors CarsGuide, that limited editions should be enticing and exciting. It would be nice to see something more than just an unusual paint job, bold stitching and a decent performance boost. But it is a question whether Mazda will embark on more radical creations based on the Spyder concepts or even the circuit-tuned Speedster introduced in 2015. A similar car has already been brought to the world by Xenex Motorsports. Another such creation that could be purchased was built by the Gorgona Cars workshop. She based the project on the NA generation, but used the technology from the modern ND.


The Japanese car company was founded in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda. The title sometimes refers to his name, sometimes to the Persian god Ahura Mazda.

In 1979, he joined Mazda Ford, which gradually increased and sold its share. But today he already owns a small part of the company.

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