Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow advertisers to create content generated by artificial intelligence (using the same technology as the Bard chatbot), confirms a report from earlier this year. The new feature is now available in beta in Google’s Performance Max advertising product, allowing US advertisers for their campaigns create and scale both text and image assets using AIthe company announced in a blog post.

Performance Max is already an artificial intelligence product that works in several Google products, including YouTube, the search engine itself, and more. It optimizes ads by analyzing reach data, which the new feature complements it by using AI also for the content creation itself. According to Google, the feature will allow advertisers to quickly create high-quality and personalized assets across Google’s various platforms.

Similar to Bard or ChatGPT, AI users input stimuli and it creates unique images and texts for each company. Marketers can review and edit all AI output before publishing. The tool can be used to create different versions of a single ad or to create new ads from scratch. All AI-generated images contain a visible watermark to identify them. “We also have safeguards in place to prevent our systems from engaging inappropriate or sensitive content or suggesting policy-violating creative,” Naresh wrote.

This feature should help marketers create advertising materials faster and help Google at the same time to publish these ads more quickly, and thus earn money faster. In that sense, it’s a perfect use of AI for Google, as the company gets most of its revenue from advertising.

The new system is currently in beta and is only available in the US, however, it is expected to be rolled out to other countries by the end of 2023.