The car of the Croatian automaker has just become the fastest reversing car on the planet. In reverse on the test track in Germany, it managed to reach an incredible speed of 275.74 km/h! The electric hypersport succeeded precisely because of the electric drive and the fact that it has only one gear. Therefore, it is not so difficult to make the wheels turn with the same vigor in the opposite direction than usual.

In addition, Nevera relies on four electric motors that deliver a maximum output of 1,408 kW (1,914 hp) and a peak torque of 2,340 Nm, making it very, very fast indeed. The manufacturer boasts the ability to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h (in front) in 1.8 seconds, acceleration from zero to 300 km/h takes only 9.22 seconds. The car accelerates up to 412 km/h.

“Already during development, we thought that the Nevera would probably be the fastest car in the world with reverse gear, but we rather laughed at the idea,” recalls the founder and head of the car company, Mate Rimac.

Rimac Nevera holds the record for speed when reversingVideo: Rimac Automobili

“Of course, we did not design aerodynamics, cooling and stability for fast backwards travel. But then we started talking about how fun it would be to try. Our simulations showed that we could reach speeds well over 240 km/h, but we didn’t have much idea how the car would be stable when reversing so quickly – we were entering uncharted territory,” says Rimac.

In the end, Nevera went up to 275.74 km/h while reversing. Rimac test driver Goran Drndak was behind the wheel. “It took some getting used to. After all, you are sitting against the direction of travel and watching the scenery flash faster and faster in front of you, while you feel that your neck is being pulled forward, similar to when braking hard,” Drndak described his impressions after setting the record.

“When driving, it was necessary to move the steering wheel gently and carefully so as not to disturb the balance and stability. Through the rear-view mirror, I then monitored my direction and the braking point, while at the same time still monitoring the current speed,” he added.

By the way, the previous record had a value of 165.09 km/h, it was set by a Caterham 7 with a Honda Fireblade engine, it lasted for 22 years. We suspect that Rimac won’t be blown away either…

Can you imagine going 275 km/h in reverse?

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