Amazon is reportedly planning to remove Android from future Fire TVs, smart displays, and other devices. He would like to switch to an operating system based on Linux. This operating system is said to use internal code designation Vega and runs on devices like Fire TV Sticks, TVs, and other connected devices.

Roettgers says Amazon is working on the idea for several years nowwith the company reportedly pitching the idea to chipmakers back in 2017. Hundreds of people in the Amazon Device OS group reportedly worked on the software, including Zibi Braniecki, a former Mozilla engineer who joined Amazon in 2022.

Message does not specify a release timetablebut mentions that most operating system development is already done. Amazon is now apparently focused on preparing the SDK and planning benefits to convince developers to invest their time and money.

The alleged move would allow Amazon to cut ties with Google’s Android open source project, which underpins the current operating system Four OS. This dependency led to Amazon’s software lags behind the latest versions of Android by several generations. For example, the current generation of Fire TV software is based on Android 9. The move to Vega could also allow Amazon to remove basic bloat from its operating system (Android contains code that allows it to run on many different devices far beyond the relatively minimal needs of for Amazon’s smart home).

Lowpass claims that the Linux-based Vega would for application development she used React Native. The framework created by Meta uses a single codebase for iOS and Android, and Amazon probably hopes that will help with cross-platform development. The report doesn’t specifically address whether the operating system will eventually run on the Fire tablets that will much more universal.

Roettgers’ report says that Amazon ultimately plans to a complete break with Android on all new devices. The company has reportedly designed the Vega system to run on systems as diverse as in-car infotainment systems and other future hardware.