The “Passage prohibited” sign bears the designation B32 and falls into the “other prohibitions” category, where you can find, for example, the entry ban for LPG vehicles. At first glance, this traffic sign seems as clear as a crossword puzzle solved five years ago, but its meaning has changed over time.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The B32 Prohibited Passage sign belongs to the category of other prohibitions.

You may therefore still remember the old interpretation, which today has been replaced by a newer, and not so strict one. We will tell you what it is about below, thanks to the cooperation with Pavel Greiner, head of the King Driving School (Prague, České Budějovice).

It used to be the case that as soon as the B32 Průjezd sign was prohibited on the road, it was not possible to drive through the road in one piece. After entering the street, the driver should have stopped properly and, for example, gone home, picked up something on the spot, went shopping or the like.

Photo: Jan Majurník

The definition of the Prohibited Passage mark was changed in the past, so today it is more benevolent and easier to abuse.

Today, the definition is that if the sign says Passing prohibited, the driver may not enter the section marked in this way without reason. However, bypassing a difficult traffic situation or shortening the route is not considered such a reason. De facto, however, this eliminated the obligation to stop/interrupt driving at the location.

The real reason for entering is that you live in the area, take your children to school, pick up a parcel or perhaps deliver something. Unfortunately, thanks to the new interpretation, there will also be drivers who abuse this passage with an excuse like “I wanted to see this tree, this house or this car over there.”

Photo: Jan Majurník

You can see apartment buildings behind the sign, moreover, in a more remote part. It is therefore assumed that pedestrians, children or even dog walkers will move more in such a place. Few people expect a car to pass quickly here.

At the same time, sections marked with this sign are usually dangerous to drive through quickly, as drivers often have right-of-way, schools, kindergartens, retarders, and increased movement of pedestrians, children, and animals. The marking is therefore intended to greatly limit the passage, for good reasons.

Together with Pavel Greiner from the King Driving School, we therefore encourage you not to abuse the passageways marked in this way, and if you do enter them, exercise extra caution and driving attention.