The company Meta continues to gradually separating Threads from Instagram. Threads users can now delete your account in the app without deleting your Instagram at the same time. This information was given by the executive director of the application, Adam Mosseri.

At the same time, users make this change have been demanding for a long time, many of them were frustrated by not being able to delete their Threads profile without deleting their Instagram account at the same time. The update comes shortly after Meta unveiled another setting change that allows Threads users refuse to promote your posts in the main channels of Instagram and Facebook.

Despite these changes, Instagram and Threads are still very closely linked. An Instagram account is required to connect to Threads, and the app’s only messaging functionality relies on the Instagram inbox. Threads also draws on users’ Instagram presence for recommendations and other features.

While it’s unlikely that Meta will eventually completely separate the two services, we can hope that Threads will eventually becomes even more independent. Meta said it intends to make Threads compatible with the open-source ActivityPub protocol behind Mastodon. The company hasn’t shared much about how this will work yet, but the integration should give users new ways to interact with Threads content if they’re avoiding Instagram for some reason.