After OpenAI announced over the weekend that Sam Altman would not be returning to their team, Microsoft did not hesitate and immediately hired Altman, along with his colleague Greg Brockman. The pair, along with other colleagues, are joining Microsoft to “lead a new team for advanced artificial intelligence research.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella added that Microsoft “remains committed to its partnership with OpenAI.” However, this move could damage the relationship between the companies. It is possible that some of the OpenAI employees will move to Microsoft, which could slow down the development of the ChatGPT chatbot.

Altman has remained silent since news of his firing broke Friday. However, he confirmed that Microsoft had hired him and said on the X network that “the mission continues.” In response to the post, Nadella wrote that he was “very excited” to have Altman head the new research group. The appointment to the new role was announced just after there were indications that Altman might return to OpenAI following his sudden firing on Friday.

Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear has reportedly been named OpenAI’s new CEO in place of Altman.

It will be interesting to watch the further development of the situation. Microsoft has invested $13 billion (approximately CZK 292 billion) in OpenAi and owns a 49% stake in the company’s profit segment. Microsoft also recently introduced its Copilot artificial intelligence assistant, which is based on OpenAI technology.