If you want to ride in a classic cruiser at a reasonable price, the Toyota GR86 is one of the last options. But be careful, it probably won’t be for newbies.

The Toyota GR86 is, together with the Subaru BRZ, probably the last option to buy a classic concept coupe that is interesting to drive at a reasonable price. Production will only last until next year, and most cars on the Czech market already have their future owners, but Toyota still has a few pieces of the 2022 model year in stock in its price list. Prices start at CZK 950,000, and believe me, this car will retain its value.

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On circuits and circuits, the GR86 works fantastically, but how will it fare in emergency situations in the form of slalom and moose test? And what demands does it place on the driver? This is exactly what the editors of km77.com set out to find out.

There comes the Toyota GR86 RZ equipped with the Touring package including sports tires and brake pads. The 234 horsepower from the 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder is transferred to the road by Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 225/40R18 92Y tires.

With a weight of 1270 kg, front engine and rear wheel drive, the Toyota is easy to drive. It acts agile and responds precisely to the driver’s commands, whether it is working with the pedals or the steering wheel. Since the front wheels are only responsible for holding the track, there are no visible signs of understeer in the slalom. In addition, the rear axle helps to tighten the corner with a slight yaw. The resulting time of 24.2 seconds is the same as the Renault Megane E-Tech and a tenth better than the Ford Fiesta ST-Line with a liter mild-hybrid ecoBoost of 155 hp.

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In the elk test, the GR86 performs very well, but requires a more experienced approach. This is ultimately expected from a potential customer. Approaching the moose test with a violent jerk of the steering wheel, the Toyota bucks and goes into an oversteer skid that prevents it from returning to the runway. On the contrary, during smoother and more precise turns, it remains calm and handles the maneuver without any problem. The resulting top speed settled at 75 km/h, which is 2 km/h below the editor’s standard, but the GR86 still proved to be a very well-tuned car.