Hollywood blockbuster star Michael Fassbender can be known from films such as 300: The Battle of Thermopylae, Hunger, Shame, Shameful Bastards or several episodes of the cult X-Men. But the actor with German-Irish roots is also well known to be totally crazy about the world of motorsport. This is also underlined by the new 90-minute documentary Road to Le Mans.

Fassbender dreamed of racing since childhood. In 2018, the American actor Patrick Dempsey helps him on his way to the desired participation in Le Mans, who arranges for him the necessary contacts at Porsche – he himself has started three times with the team in the 24-hour race – and things are set in motion.

With the support of the Stuttgart automaker, Fassbender is learning how to handle professional racing equipment as part of the Porsche Racing Experience series, the Porsche Sports Cup and finally the European ELMS competition. The Germans seemed to sense how impressive this story would be, so they filmed his journey step by step. After all, you can watch thirty-three episodes of the previous Road to Le Mans series on Porsche’s YouTube, which together have garnered 100 million views.

Photo: Porsche

This is not precision acting in another Hollywood blockbuster, but real concentration during the famous twenty-four hours.

The first participation in one of the most famous races in the world comes in 2022, when he sits behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 RSR of the Proton Competition team. However, he comes to his senses quickly when he gets involved in several racing incidents in the chaos and reaches the finish line, but at a huge loss to the rest of the world. The end of a great story? Nowhere.

Fassbender does not give up and wants to start again in Le Mans a year later. Why not, when the twenty-four-hour watch celebrates its centenary with great fanfare. From the beginning, the year-on-year improvement is noticeable, the actor in racing overalls with a 515-horsepower Porsche covers a circuit under four minutes for the first time on the nearly fourteen-kilometer route, which is a critical benchmark in the GT category. And then…

But no, we will not overtake. Take a look for yourself at the excellent documentary Michael Fassender: Road to Le Mans. You can play it completely free in the comfort of your home, Porsche published it publicly on its YouTube channel on November 17. And don’t forget to let us know how you liked the documentary!