The feelings against large cars are very heated among the representatives of the French capital. He wants to distinguish them through weight.

In Paris, a local referendum is being prepared, in which residents should decide on the price of parking, primarily for cars in the SUV category. “We need to reduce the number and size of cars in the city, so we will put to a vote how much space there should be in Paris for this type of vehicle,” Deputy Mayor David Belliard told Reuters. “The vote is a message to all those who continue to use their private cars because they are the richest: No! In a few years, in a few months, they won’t be welcome in Paris with that kind of behavior.” continues.

Parking in big cities has a great solution.  In New York, you will pay 14 million for it

Their weight is to be used to distinguish the vehicles that represent a burden for the French metropolis. This would be determined by the cameras based on the connection to the registration plates. The town hall imagines that the measure would apply to cars with an internal combustion engine weighing over 1.6 tons and electric cars over two tons – that is, to a number of completely ordinary vehicles outside the SUV category.

As the president of the French Drivers’ Association Phillipe Noziere rightly pointed out, cars are now bigger and heavier also for safety. “They are a symbol of another time, a symbol of crushing others. Because it is a heavier car, it uses more fuel and therefore pollutes the environment more. So I think it’s normal to tax them more,” Paris resident Henri Duret told Reuters.