Watches, kits, spare parts, skis and much more. The white collection has almost everything you could think of.

In early December, an auction called The White Collection by RM Sotheby’s will take place in America. It is of course far for a European, but by agreement you can participate by phone or online directly on the auction portal. As the name suggests, the auction will feature mostly white cars, mostly Porsches. You can even decorate one of the limited editions, such as the Porsche 924 Martini Championship Edition or the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design.

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But even an ordinary garage owner who already has one Porsche, but his bank account doesn’t quite feel like collecting more cars, can come to his own. You can also collect something else. The auction will feature many items from the brand’s dealers or directly from the boutique. Among the items you will find, for example, bouncers for children, a set of badminton rackets, posters from the Porsche museum, a fingerboard, a folding chair, clothes, catalogs, sheets and generally all possible junk.

When you go through all those glasses, skis and carburetors, you can come across some truly unique and interesting things. One of them is a skibob, which is a kind of sled with handlebars for downhill tracks. This thing isn’t one of the most expensive, but with Porsche written on it, it can go for up to $8,000. Otherwise, you can decorate items here starting at fifty dollars. Of course, it can be even less, it’s always a question of who will be tossing and turning with you.