Meta has decided to circumvent the European Union’s regulations regarding online services in order to be able to to finally bring Threads to EU countries. According to The Wall Street Journal, Meta will make Threads available in December across Europe and in accordance with EU policy will allow users to access the platform without having to create a profile. At the same time, Threads was not yet available in the EU, as it did not meet the requirements regarding user privacy.

The Threads platform first launched to most of the world in July as an alternative to the increasingly sharp X Elon Musk, while it reached an incredible 100 million users in its first week, but is now experiencing some decline. The Meta-owned platform currently has about 73 million active users compared to X’s 365 million users.

Expansion into the EU will undoubtedly increase Threads’ global exposure, but only time will tell how quickly and to what extent. In October, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that Threads could reach one billion users in the next few years, while Instagram, which allows users to quickly create a Threads account, has over two billion active users, but only eight reached the one billion mark years after launch. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri also recently announced some great news, namely that deleting a Threads account will not delete the associated Instagram account.