We won’t deny it, it’s a car for kids. It’s not for the faint of heart, it has nice power and a solid range.

The last couple of days everything revolves around Cybertruck. We already know that you can make him an expedition special and that he will most likely not look at Europe. But there is hope for a similarly tempting option for children.

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Yes, after we had the Cyberquad four-wheeler available on the Czech market, the electric pick-up also comes as a toy car for children. It faithfully copies the large Cybertruck with its angular design and very decent performance.

It is intended for children aged 6 to 12 years. The carrying capacity of the two-seater interior is adapted to this, up to 68 kg. The electric motor driving the rear wheels has a nice 500 W and the Cybertruck can move at 16 km/h. For smaller children, it is recommended to turn on the speed limiter to 8 km/h. The equipment also includes a reverse gear, an electric brake and rubber wheels. The lithium-ion battery is enough for 19 km of driving, so you can go on a pretty long trip with your little one.

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As you can guess, it won’t be a small thing. It measures 1676 mm in length and will cost you CZK 39,000. As with any hot new product, you can’t avoid problems with the first batch. The vehicle is officially delivered only to the American market with the start of distribution during December. Delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed. But if you have someone in America, the “baby Cybertruck” will definitely be easier to get here, including operating it.