In addition to prestigious motoring events, the Mosteck Autodrome also hosts a variety of educational and safety events. One such event was the Kia Safety Day in October, which was organized both as a thank you and a reward to all loyal fans and visitors. For a nominal fee, they could take a ride on the circuit or take a safe driving course.

The entire event also includes a presentation of the IZS teams and equipment, among other things from the Mostek fire brigade, but also the Police of the Czech Republic. She also brought her most distinctive car to the circuit – a Ferrari F 142 – 458 Italia originating from criminal activity and subsequently confiscated. Of course in police colors.

Photo: Roman Rudakov

If the police control, then with everything!

The piece from 2011 with a 4.5-liter eight-cylinder engine and a maximum speed of 326 km/h went into service a year ago and is primarily intended for preventive activities and the presentation of the work of the Police of the Czech Republic. So it often appears statically at various tuning meetings or other motoring events. In short, where the general public can view it.

Photo: Roman Rudakov

In the end, everything went well!

And during the above-mentioned event in Mostek, the idea for the attached photo gallery arose, where this particular car drives the Ultima racing plate. The driver had to show “papers” and pass a brass test. But the policemen probably didn’t like something, because just a few tens of seconds later he ended up handcuffed to the hood of his special vehicle.

But now seriously – this whole leisurely event was primarily intended to entertain all the visitors present and show them the car in action. The police of the Czech Republic deserve a big thumbs up for giving the green light to the creation of such a gallery. Her Ferrari is (not only) a sensitive topic on the Internet (well, on purpose, didn’t the title of the article make you feel some controversy?), but the guys weren’t afraid of it, and great material was created.