Industrial designer Lukáš Taneček is no ordinary person, as he received the prestigious RED DOT Award in 2022, which is an award for product and communication design. Specifically, he won it for the ST Rail Grinding Train. It is interesting to note that from the car section this price is held by, for example, the latest Toyota Prius, Opel Astra, Honda Civic, Genesis G90 or Peugeot 408.

Photo: Lukáš Taneček

He painted Eve for Adam, for which he won second place.

Furthermore, he won second place in the international competition for his design of the Eve model (translated as Eva), i.e. a companion car to the Opel Adam. He is also responsible for the redesign of the interior of Avia Initia, the logotype of the city of Jičín and other work. However, what about the Tatras?

Taneček had previously participated in the external cladding of the Tatra Tactic in cooperation with the company AV R&D, which co-develops the new Tatra skis. It is therefore not surprising that this talented designer was also approached for the new face of the Force model line.

Photo: Lukáš Taneček

Lukáš Taneček is behind the design of the new Tatra Force.

What actually inspired Lukáš to design Tatra Force the way it looks? “I wanted to preserve the DNA of Tatra, which for many years now consists of its mask, which inspired me. At the same time, however, I wanted to move the car into the current twenty-first century. Next, I went for emotions so that when you look at the car, you can see its calm strength. In short, the car knows what it can do, but is not overly aggressive.”

And the designer is right about that mask, but look at the iconic Tatra 148 or T815-2 or T813. Horizontal slat cutouts in the mask can be found on each of these cars. At the same time, the new design can be described as an evolution of the current Tatra 815-7 Force, which corresponds to the typical triangular bow.

However, Lukáš Taneček is diligent because he is already working on a new Czech supersport, which according to him will be flat, aerodynamic and full of carbon. They say we have something to look forward to. Soon.