Cars she came to Ostrava from all over the country, but also from Slovakia and Poland. Among them were cars older than half a century i cars, which left the production line only recently. There was a significant presence of fire engines, but there were also classic dump trucks and military specials.

“I am extremely appreciative that they came here, especially since it is before Christmas. That’s one big heart. There are volunteer, professional firefighters here, there are representatives of military units, there is a self-employed person, he has a Tatra 815 dump truck, he has been driving it for 30 years, he still takes care of it. He should rest on Sunday – and no, he will come from far away. This is the greatest treasure for me,” said one of the organizers, Dalimil Frič.

According to him, the original idea for organizing the event arose before the covid pandemic, and today’s date was a bit random. “No one expected that there would be snow. In recent years, it has been warm in December,” Frič said.

The Tatra project presents six years of Tatra cars from all over the world a hundred times differently and has over 150,000 fans in more than 150 countries. Until now, everything was done only online on the Internet. “So the idea was born, let’s do it live. It turned out really great. I’m excited about it, because when we published the invitation about a month ago, I expected up to 40 cars to come,” said Jiří Hanulík. At Libros, he is in charge of the Sejfer project, the aim of which is to support safe transport, lifelong driver education, all components of the integrated rescue system, the Czech army and the Tatra Trucks brand.

“Those people are used to going to meetings in the summer. Today we have something around zero here, it’s snowing, it’s freezing, and guys from Ústí nad Labem, Žatec, Slovakia, and Poland have arrived. We are really surprised that they took the time to do it, even though some of them are winterized autoso they came on the second Sunday of Advent,” said Hanulík.

According to him, the biggest rarities at the meeting were the Tatra 138 from 1971 and its successor, the orange Tatra 148 from the same year. “There are also specials directly from Kopřivnice from Tatra Trucks. There is an armored Tatra Phoenix, a six-wheeled Phoenix, a Tatra Phoenix Präsident, there are specials of the Fire Rescue Department of the Czech Republic, there is a ten-wheeled tank sprayer, which is the only one or one of two in the Czech Republic. All the Tatras are beautiful,” said Hanulík.

Adam Jordan, who came from Poland’s Vladislav (Wodzislaw Ślaski in Poland), said that he is a big fan of Tatra cars. “I rode with the Tatras for 35 years, we had them in the company,” he said. He got to Ostrava thanks to a lot of fans of the brand, whom he met at the meeting of the Tatra Veteran Club in Kopřivnice.

He arrived in a Tatra 148 from 1972, which he says is quite a rarity. “It is from the first series of Tater 148s, which they bought for Poland at the time, and the superstructure is Norwegian. This is an interesting thing, because only 24 of them were made and only for Poland. Mine is still running and one and two more are in the museum,” Jordan said.

Auto is still functional. “I use it in my company. I’m demolishing houses, buildings, and to keep the dust down, I need water. There are two tanks in the superstructure, which are plastic and can hold 10,000 liters of water, including salty seawater,” added Jordan.