The brand hasn’t shared much about the brand new Volkswagen Transporter T7 yet. In the most recent trailer, she actually only revealed that she will show it to us in full in the spring of next year. The details of the technique remain a secret for now, but it’s not that difficult to deduce.

The new Transporter is the result of mutual cooperation with Ford and shares the technical basis with the Transit Custom, which is offered in plug-in hybrid and purely electric versions. However, the range still retains the traditional turbodiesel, which is available in several versions from 81 to 125 kW. The plug-in hybrid is based on a 2.5-liter four-cylinder, which is complemented by an electric motor and an 11.8kWh battery. There will probably also be an electric version providing 100 or 160 kW in the Transit. With a 74kWh battery, it can travel up to 380 kilometers on a single charge.

It is not yet clear if the Transporter will get all or just some engine versions. We’re a bit wiser when it comes to design. Although the car is still masked with foil in the photos, the design synergy with the Multivan is more than obvious. We praise the fact that Volkswagen did not just rebrand a competing utility vehicle, but gave the novelty its own design identity.

One of the photos of the painted containers shows different silhouettes of commercial vehicles, which means that the new product will come in several variants, including one with a high roof of the cargo space or a body. After all, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles completes the photos with the caption that it has the right Transporter for everyone. This probably refers to various shapes and drives.

When the new Transporter T7 arrives, it will complement the current Multivan (sitting on the MQB platform shared with the Golf) and the purely electric ID. Buzz (which is available in personal and commercial versions). The Transporter will also receive a version for transporting people, which will be sold under the name Caravelle. But that will probably arrive a little later.