The Porsche Panamera is one of those interstate cruisers that you can climb out of and not hurt your back (tried). Now there is a new version and we could already touch it.

Every exotic or premium car manufacturer delivered more cars to customers on the Czech market in the first eleven months of this year than in the same period last year. The Porsche carmaker has already exceeded a respectable seven hundred units, which, according to SDA statistics, it has not achieved in the last ten years. The fact that from January next year it will no longer be possible to purchase cars with a price tag above 2,000,000 CZK with full deduction of VAT has certainly had something to do with it, but we are not here today.

At the end of the year, Porsche pulled out with a bomb. It introduced a new generation of the Panamera model called the G3, although we can still talk about the fact that it is a very thorough facelift of the previous one. It is a car that is supposed to amaze the expert and non-expert public, especially with its chassis with new active stabilizers and two-chamber air suspension. We will find out how it all works, and especially how it drives, next year.

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But now the time has come to welcome the car to the Czech market. The brand’s representation for Central Europe invited us to the Vanguard loft apartments in Prague, which have a unique elevator for cars, where you can park your car practically right in front of the living room. So we had the opportunity to slip into the homes of the owners of these lofts for a few moments and see what it’s like. Sitting in the living room and looking at the car. On the ninth floor…

But that’s not so interesting, it’s more that we were able to sit in the car for the first time. In terms of design and exterior, this novelty probably won’t impress you. We had a specimen in dark gray on display, which is such a mundane specification rather for someone who doesn’t want to be seen too much. The big difference compared to the previous generation is certainly the front part, which is now more aggressive and somehow looks like it is drawn according to a ruler.

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As a car of the highest touring category, you of course have power door closers and electric adjustment of everything you look at in the interior. From the photos, I got the impression that the new center console will be more of a step back. The previous design was littered with buttons, albeit touch-sensitive, and very easy to operate. You simply had a panel next to you where everything was at hand. However, a lot of controls are now in the display, and the only thing left on the panel is what would bother you when looking for it on the display – air conditioning, turning off the traction control or heating or ventilating the seats.

There is also still a rotary dial for the audio and rocker switches for the climate control, so limiting the number of buttons will certainly not be such a problem. On the contrary, this created another storage space in front of the armrest, which can fit a surprisingly large amount of things. In terms of space, it is practically the same as the previous version of the model – even a person with a larger or taller figure can find a perfect driving position here. The car is generously spacious, although it doesn’t quite resemble a limousine in the back seats.

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Of course, there are a few steps back. The effort to save was manifested here as well. Canceling the classic gear selector and putting instead a sliding piece of plastic to the right of the steering wheel is not a control worthy of a Porsche. Likewise, the classic rotary selector to the left of the steering wheel has disappeared, where there is now a button like the one from the Volkswagen Tiguan. On the other hand, it’s a fact that they saved more on such details. As a whole, the car still looks luxurious and precise.

But we will learn more only next year, for now we just had a drink and absorbed the first brief impressions. You can find out everything important about the car in our previous article, or we already have Czech prices from the configurator, which look solid.