The LEVC brand, which also produces London taxis, is embarking on a new project. With such potential, there is nothing to be surprised about.

Few people could imagine London without the traditional black cabs. Older models are attractive to collectors, newer ones to modders. The streets are full of them, but they may soon have competition that is more commercial.

Kahn Design has created a London taxi for the rich.  The price is comparable to a luxury limousine

LEVC (a member of the Geely group) manufactures London TX taxis and their commercial derivatives and is now entering a new segment. Following the example of the PSA group, Lexus, Mercedes and many others, it intends to break into large-capacity passenger vans next year. The new model will be based on the “Space Oriented Architecture” platform that the brand introduced in May. Production will take place in China, but it is not yet certain which markets the car will target. China will not appear in the first wave, and Great Britain has not yet been confirmed either. Although it may just be strategic obfuscation.

The SOA platform is intended for cars with a length of 4.86 to 5.95 meters and was developed with regard to maximizing interior space, variability and ease of entry and exit. It should also be able to accommodate a twin-engine configuration with all-wheel drive and up to 536 horsepower. The new van will be called the L380 EV after the largest Airbus A380 and will offer up to eight seats, two in four rows. It will be possible to fold the last row and move the third longitudinally for optimal adjustment of the legroom. There will also be a luxurious six-seater version competing with the Lexus LM or the V-class from Mercedes.

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The L380 EV will be a nice piece of car. According to preliminary information, it measures 5316 mm in length with a width of 1998 mm and a height of 1940 mm. The weight of 2805 kg is no surprise. If the LEVC uses the technology of its sister Volvo, 73 and 120kWh batteries and an electric motor with a power of 268 horsepower can be expected.