The companies announced an interesting collaboration Amazon a Games Workshop. They confirmed that they are working on production of television programs and films themed based on the popular board game Warhammer 40,000. The news comes 12 months after the two sides reached an agreement to develop adaptations of the war game.

The current deal gives Amazon exclusive rights to develop films and television shows based on this intellectual property. In turn, adaptations could help Games Workshop attract new players hry Warhammer 40K.

Games Workshop claims to be involved in the creation of series and films an elite group of screenwriters. He will help them Henry Cavilla longtime Warhammer 40K fan, who will executive produce and possibly star in some series and movies.

But don’t expect a Warhammer movie to hit Prime Video anytime soon. As Games Workshop notes, it usually takes at least a few years, before the project moves from the development stage to the final product. Anyway, Games Workshop has promised to share news and details as soon as possible.