I dream of a white Christmas… Yes, let’s keep dreaming, because according to meteorologists, we won’t have a white Christmas this year either. On the contrary, we can prepare for the traditional hustle and bustle and crowded parking lots at department stores, where the risk of vandalism increases. The accident portal has put together data on which shopping centers have the worst accident rates.

Of course, Prague is at the top, where the most vandalism occurs in the vicinity of the OC Westfield Chodov shopping center, where there have been 80 accidents in the last two years with a damage amount of around 3.39 million crowns. The next place is occupied by OC Nový Smíchov na Anděl, where there were 62 accidents with damage of 3.99 million crowns in the monitored period.

HomePark Zličín (Ikea, Tesco, etc.) also applied for its position with 70 accidents with a total amount of damages of 3.62 million. It should be mentioned that a quarter of these vandalisms in the named cases were during the Christmas period.

In Ostrava, be careful in the Avion Shopping Park, where there is, among other things, Ikea and other shops. Near the center is also the transit road Rudná, which leads to the D1 highway. In two years, there were almost 70 accidents with damage of 2.37 million crowns. And a significant part again around Christmas.

Photo: Jakub Misík

Car parks of shopping centers are the site of frequent traffic accidents in the run-up to Christmas.

Ústí nad Labem often appears in the statistics of problem areas, either in connection with the safety of pedestrians or cyclists. Right in the center of the city is the OC Forum, where in the last two years there have been 40 vandalisms with damage amounting to 1.12 million crowns.

“In addition, this area of ​​Ústí nad Labem is generally one of the risky places with a high probability of traffic accidents occurring within the entire Czech Republic – regardless of the time of year,” points out Marek Sibal, data analyst of the Accident Portal.

Photo: Jakub Misík

The most common cause of accidents in shopping malls is failure to give way on the right.

Karlovy Vary is also worth paying attention to, where demolition is often done near the Fontána department store, which is located near the D6 highway. In two years, there were 26 accidents with damage of CZK 709,000. At the other end of the country, in Zlín, the situation is similar. In the vicinity of the local Čepkov mall, 36 collisions occurred in the past 24 months for a total of CZK 700,000.

The absolute most common cause of these accidents is failure to give way to vehicles coming from the right, which many drivers simply forget. Few shopping malls have a parking lot dotted with signs (Ikea Černý Most is an honorable exception), but when they do, it looks like a traffic playground. Therefore, remember that if there is no marking in the parking lot, you must give priority to those vehicles that are coming to the crossing from your point of view from the right.

Photo: Jakub Misík

If there are no signs in the parking lot, the right-hand rule applies here.

Another piece of advice is to pay attention to the weather, possibly snow and ice. On ice, the manipulative speed of the car is around 10 km/h, with faster driving (turning) there is already a risk of skidding. And of course, the lower the tire adhesion, the longer the braking distance.

Finally, try to leave emotions, thinking and stress aside. These factors do not belong behind the wheel and distract you unnecessarily. Have a nice holiday and be careful!