This is according to data from CCS, which tracks prices. According to analysts, however, the discounting may not continue for long, fuel prices will probably be pushed up especially by the crisis in the Red Sea region.

According to analysts, another significant drop in oil prices was behind the continuing fall in fuel prices. Purple Trading’s analyst Petr Lajsek recalled that Brent oil fell to $72 per barrel last week, which was the lowest level since June. According to him, the reason was that the market expected an excess of oil for next year, for example due to high production in the USA or due to long-term deflation in China.

However, according to analysts, lower fuel prices may not last long, according to Tomáš Cverna from the XTB company, they may start to become more expensive even before the end of the year. “The main culprit is Brent crude oil, which rose by almost 11 percent in a week-on-week comparison due to risks threatening transportation in the Red Sea. An aspect indicating the increase in fuel prices is also the increase in fuel prices in Rotterdam, from which our prices are based,” he explained.

According to him, today’s decision of the Czech National Bank (ČNB) on interest rates will also be important for further development. According to Cverna, in the case of their reduction, a weakening of the koruna and subsequent increase in the price of imports can be expected. Lajsek also expects the situation to change soon. According to him, the risk factor is primarily the large increase in tension in the Red Sea region, where Yemeni extremists are targeting cargo ships and tankers. If the situation does not improve, Lajsek predicts the price of oil and thus of fuel.

The cheapest fuel is filled by drivers in the South Bohemian Region, where a liter of gasoline costs 35.05 CZK on average. They sell diesel there for an average of 35.52 CZK. On the contrary, the most expensive fuel is offered by pumps in Prague, where a liter of gasoline costs an average of 38.30 crowns per liter. Diesel is refueled there for 38.36 CZK per liter.

Average fuel prices in the Czech Republic as of December 20, 2023 (in CZK/l):

End Natural 95 Nafta
CR 35,95 36,29
Prague 38,30 38,36
Central Bohemia 36,49 36,73
South Bohemian 35,05 35,52
Pilsen 36,29 36,70
Karlovy Vary 35,42 35,83
Ústí 35,27 35,74
Liberecký 35,37 35,91
Královéhradecky 35,24 35,72
Pardubice 35,51 35,82
Highlands 36,32 36,56
South Moravian 36,62 36,70
Olomouc 36,35 36,71
Zlínský 35,33 35,77
Moravian-Silesian 35,79 36,00