The Japanese automaker has built a reputation as a hybrid pioneer. Its electrified cars combining gasoline and electricity are not only economical and reliable, but at the same time reduce fleet emissions and thus allow the brand to continue to offer interesting fringe models – for example the sports models GR Yaris and Supra or the offroad icon Land Cruiser.

In the field of electric cars, Toyota is still just getting started. It launched the bZ4X crossover, whose 71.4kWh lithium-ion battery promises a range of up to 500 kilometers per charge. That’s a decent portion, on the other hand, not so exceptional today. But the Japanese are at the start and are just preparing the real revolution.

After 2026, Toyota’s new electric cars are to have a powerful bipolar battery with a nickel cathode. Such cars advertise a range of 1,100 kilometers per charge, which should take about twenty minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent.

Foto: Toyota

Toyota bZ4X: the brand’s first electric car has a very strange name.

However, Japanese engineers are continuously working on breakthrough batteries with a solid electrolyte, which could appear on the market between 2027 and 2028. These have even more interesting parameters – a range of 1,200 kilometers and charging in ten minutes. However, more detailed specifications remain a secret for now.

The goal of the brand is not only to create such a battery, but also to use it as efficiently as possible. For example, it wants to reduce the amount of waste and increase the proportion of recycled materials. Even used batteries can be recycled in a sustainable way, which assumes a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. The obtained material will then be used for the production of new batteries.

Foto: Toyota

In a few years, the range of electric cars should be much more diverse. There is also a small sports car.

The brand wants to give batteries a second life all over the world, it has strategic partners not only at home in Japan, but also in Europe, the USA or China. These are all gradual steps to make the entire Toyota Motor Corporation a carbon-neutral company by 2050.