Some time ago we learned that the premiere of the reincarnated Renault 5 will take place on February 26 next year at the Geneva Motor Show. In the new generation, the Five will become an electric car, in fact it will be the spiritual successor of the sales-successful Zoe. And to keep our attention, the French reveal some interesting details about the car.

For example, the designers revealed lighting technology that makes the origin of the car easily recognizable. At the same time, the vertically positioned rear lamps lengthen the side panels, which contributes to lower aerodynamic resistance.

Official trailer for the new Renault 5.Video: Renault

A detailed look at the wheel arches shows that despite the compact dimensions (the novelty is only 3.92 meters long), the car will have a well-straddled stance. The extended fenders are a reference to the iconic and now very rare R5 Turbo.

Photo: Renault

Extended fenders look chic! The car’s silhouette is reminiscent of its predecessor.

The technical basis is the AmpR Small (formerly CMF-B EV) platform with a multi-element rear axle. The creators promise fun driving characteristics, the most demanding will be satisfied by the peppered version, which will be created with Alpine emblems. The Renault 5 will be available with two batteries with a capacity of 40 and 52 kWh. The larger one should be enough for a range of up to 400 kilometers.

Photo: Renault

The number plate on the hood is not just an aesthetic element, it has its own function.

Modern technology is not forgotten either. When the five is connected to the charger, the indicator on the hood indicates the charge status. At one hundred percent, the LEDs display the number 5. True, this is more of a design issue, but other options are even more functional. The Renault 5 is supposed to be the first serial electric car equipped with the V2G (vehicle-to-grid) function, which allows energy to be sent from the traction battery back to the grid. The function should be available in France and Germany next year, and in 2025 it will be extended to Great Britain.

All other details will be revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which returns for the first time since the pandemic crisis. The base price should be around 25,000 euros (roughly 615,000 CZK), putting it on par with comparable hybrids in the B segment. Eager buyers can already register for the R5 R Pass program, where they can be the first to configure their car and it will also be delivered in advance.