Korea’s SsangYong has built a reputation for decent SUVs at great prices. Recently, however, the brand decided to spice up the offer of non-confrontational cars a little. For example, the rejuvenated Tivoli and Tivoli Grand are still among the most affordable cars in their class, but they stand out much more in terms of appearance. This year, however, another model became the (literally) biggest gem in the palette – the bold Torres.

The Torres is an SUV the size of a Kodiaq that breaks with the brand’s conventions both inside and out, and you definitely won’t miss it on the road. It is interesting that it does not have the logo of the car company at all on the front or the back, but inside it gets a brand new cabin in which premium screens play. Not only the traditional digital instrument panel and central multimedia display, but also another touch surface below to adjust the climate control and other functions. That is, as we know it from Audi, for example.

Unlike the Kodiaq, the Torres does not have the option of a third row of seats, so it can accommodate a maximum of five passengers. Again, it boasts a huge luggage compartment, the volume of which depends on the selected version. Although the Korean novelty has only one engine on offer – a petrol fifteen-cylinder engine with an output of 163 horsepower and 280 newton meters of torque – it offers a choice of manual, automatic, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The 4 × 4 drive takes a bit off the trunk, but it still offers a full reserve.

But I’ve already told you more than I wanted to. Today we will introduce the new SsangYong Torres in detail in video form. You will find out, for example, what actually inspired the name Torres. And we will also talk about the weaknesses of the new product, which, by the way, is now being sold with a promotional discount of up to CZK 40,000. But beware, the Christmas promotion is only valid until the end of the year!