Life in a small town certainly brings with it certain positives, but also a number of negatives. Someone could complain, even envy the inhabitants of big cities, how they have everything. But as far as fire protection is concerned, the situation seems to be (at least somewhere) more balanced, as evidenced by the firefighters of a small village called Zliv na Českobudějovicka.

Photo: Hasiči Zliv

Hasičská Terra is a two-cabin design and has a 12.66 liter Tatra engine.

They have a new partner in their arsenal against fire and other elements, which is the Tatra T815-2 tank car sprayer known as Terra. The double-cab chassis was supplied by Tatrovka, and a 12.66-liter Tatra engine with a power of 325 kW (441.8 hp) and a torque of 2,100 Nm was installed inside the car. The power unit complies with the EURO 5 emission standard, which is legal for fire vehicles.

The six-speed Allison 4500 automatic transmission, which also has an additional Tatra reduction, takes care of shifting and transmitting the torque to all four wheels. Suspension is provided by air bellows springs, disc brakes, tires from Continental R22.5.

Photo: Hasiči Zliv

The tank holds 4,000 liters of water and 240 liters of foaming agent.

The more than eight-meter-long chassis weighs almost 9 tons and carries over 11 tons. The fuel tank will offer a volume of 150 liters, the highest speed is 100 km/h.

On its hump, the emergency vehicle carries a superstructure from the company Kobit, where we primarily find a tank for 4,000 liters of water and 240 liters of foaming agent. There is also a pump with a flow rate of 2,000 liters per minute, an electric winch working at the front, six breathing apparatuses, a power plant, an overpressure fan for rapid smoke extraction, two chain saws, anti-chemical suits or a telescopic lighting mast.

Photo: Hasiči Zliv

The transport spaces of the car host other equipment.

That’s not all, other equipment includes a floating pump, a thermal camera, a spinal board for the transport/extrication of a disabled person, a medical bag and an automatic defibrillator.

And please, a 20-member unit of volunteers with an exit within 10 minutes of a small town, which you probably wouldn’t say, has all this. In addition, the average age of their motorized firefighting equipment is only 3.5 years. The local fire department also told us that they are building a new station. At least from the point of view of fire protection, this is a jackpot for the residents of Zliv and its surroundings.

And it is also extremely good that even in small municipalities they do not skimp on so many important things, such as firefighters and their equipment. What good will a new footbridge, statue or even a children’s playground be to you when a fire starts somewhere and the archival equipment of the local fire department no longer works like it used to…