This racing Ferrari 296 GT3 looks great, doesn’t it? Just get in and set off on the long straights of the iconic Italian Monza circuit. The car has impressive shapes, all aerodynamic solutions for high downforce, carbon mirrors anchored on elegant sides, and a set of Pirelli racing tires.

So why couldn’t the car go on the race track? Well, it’s not a real car, but a detailed 1:8 scale model by Amalgam. This piece is just under 56 centimeters long and was created based on internal Ferrari documents to be as faithful as possible to the original. The entire development process took 3,000 hours and each car takes roughly 300 hours to build.

Photo: Amalgam

Beautiful decoration of the study, isn’t it? Until you look at the price…

Amalgam boasts that all the components of the real car are also applied to its scale model. You can notice, for example, the detailed cabin including seat belts, switches and steering wheel typical for racers. You can see inside thanks to the opening doors, but unfortunately for this type of model, the cover of the six-cylinder engine remains sealed.

The company has confirmed that it will build a limited edition of 199 examples and each can be made according to the customer’s specific requirements. Even the paint colors offered are from the official Ferrari catalog! All of this is related to the purchase price, which is calculated at $18,090, which translates to CZK 400,000. Just for interest – for the same price today you can buy a new Škoda Fabia with a turbocharged liter three-cylinder engine.

It’s a lot of money, of course, but surprisingly, it’s not the most expensive model on offer. Amalgam offers countless other models, racers, but also F1 single-seaters. And for example, the winning Ford GT40 from Le Mans 1969 in the same 1:8 scale costs $23,460, i.e. over half a million crowns. And we’d rather not mention that the company is able to make a one-off special for you exactly according to your wishes.