D49: Hulín – Fryšták

Construction of the 17.3-kilometer section began in 2021, it will ease traffic in the districts of Kroměříž and Zlín thanks to the connection to the highway intersection above Hulín. The new section of the highway will significantly help Holešov, especially the busy Palackého street, the roundabout at náměstí Dr. Edvard Beneš and Masarykova street, where the drivers were heading towards Fryšták.


D48: Bělotín – Rybí, I. stage

The commissioning of the 8.2-kilometer section will complete the reconstruction of the existing two-lane undivided road without reinforced shoulders into a directionally divided four-lane highway with a central dividing strip separating the opposite lanes and with shoulders. This is one of the buildings on the Bělotín – Rybí route, the purpose of which is to unify the width layout of the entire route. Part of the construction are modifications and realignments of roads III. classes, which will be used for the immediate service of the territory on toll-free roads.


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D7: Empowerment at Chlumčany

The 4.4 kilometer section has been under construction for two years. The construction will enable the transfer of traffic from the existing two-lane road I/7 to the four-lane highway D7. On the eastern side, it connects to the already completed construction of R7 (Sulec, bypass), and on the west to the expanded Loun bypass, put into operation in September 2023.


D7: Kněževes interchange

At the exit from Prague, the reconstruction of the connecting and turning lane will be completed. These will finally meet the applicable standards, the road will be widened to 11.5 meters in these places, which will allow traffic to be conducted in the 2+2 mode in one lane. The highway bridge will have a new width of 15.5 meters, under which the height of road III/2405 will be adjusted in terms of underpass height and the slope of the road.


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D6: Grit, shift

The residents of the village of Krupá will be relieved of traffic by a new 6.5-kilometer section, which includes a flyover and a new exit 43. The realignment of the existing road I/6 will increase safety and flow in the village, connect to the Řevničov bypass and lead over a flyover with a length of 805 meters .


D4: Haje, Milín, Lety, Čimelice, Mirotice

The section between Příbramí and Písek will be a bit more comfortable for us, and residents of the mentioned municipalities will have less worries about intensive traffic. In total, it is 28.2 kilometers of the D4 highway plus the extension of a 3.7 kilometer section near Mirotic to a four-lane road of category D 25.5/100 through the completion of the right half of the existing road.


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D3: Úsilné, Hodějovice, Třebonín, Kaplice nádraží

A busy route to Austria or to Český Krumlov and Lipno – a total of 28.4 kilometers of the new highway is to be put into operation. České Budějovice, in particular, will get a break thanks to the diverting of traffic to a 7.2-kilometer bypass along the eastern part of the city, which also includes the new Pohůrka tunnel. This will solve the situation on the congested road I/3 in the section Budějovice – Krasejovka. In the southern section to the Nádraží Chapel, the traffic will disappear from the already completely unsatisfactory part of I/3.


D55: Babice, Old Town, Moravský Písek, Bzenec

The existing road I/55 in this section is no longer sufficient for the current traffic intensity, this year three sections of the new D55 with a total length of 21.4 kilometers will be put into operation, following the construction of Napajedla – Babice. Staré Město will get two exits, north and south, and a rest area will be created next to Moravské Písek.