The rally Škoda Fabia belongs to the WRC2 category, which is the second highest class of the World Rally Championship and the highest group in a whole range of other international and national championships. For Mladá Boleslav, this class became particularly interesting ten years ago, when the technical rules were rearranged.

In 2013, the FIA ​​presented modified rules that were supposed to make the Rally2 category (originally R5) cheaper and accessible to a wider range of private teams. The basis of the car must be from the B segment (usually small city hatchbacks), but unlike the S2000 specification, it can be equipped with a turbo engine from another production model of the brand or group, as long as the displacement does not exceed 1,620 cc.

Another limitation is the intake restrictor, which limits the output to around 290 horsepower. A five-speed sequential gearbox and a purely mechanical all-wheel drive system are also allowed. The FIA ​​also capped the price of a ready-to-race car, last year it was set at 260,766 euros (over 6.4 million crowns) without tax.

Photo: Škoda Auto

The car’s exclusivity is reminded by the label in the cabin.

The new Fabia Rally2 was first prepared at the beginning of the 2015 season and very quickly started to collect successes in the first special stages. The interest of private individuals did not take long and today competitive Fabias make up at least half of the Rally2 cars on the tracks of world and European competitions.

In 2023, this resulted in the five hundredth delivered piece of the competition car, which serves the Italian Delta Rally team. “I am incredibly proud of everyone at Škoda Motorsport for reaching the limit of 500 units. On the other hand, this success would not be possible without the strong loyalty of our customer teams,” said Lucie Bortová, head of Škoda Motorsport’s customer program.

The Delta Rally team started competing with Škoda cars in 2017 at the request of customers. “Even back then, cars had a fast and reliable reputation. Another important factor in the decision was the excellent customer and technical service,” added Riccardo Cappato from the Delta Rally team, who will deploy the sharp Fabia in the WRC and ERC championships, as well as the Italian championship events.