Japanese Mazda likes to do things its own way, whether it’s touch screens in the interior or unconventional power units. But the side of the body variants quickly understood that it cannot do without large SUVs. The European range was recently expanded by the CX-60 SUV, and an even bigger sibling will soon be added.

It bears the designation CX-80, but unlike the “sixties”, it has three rows of seats and can accommodate up to seven passengers. The novelty is supposed to be over 4.9 meters long, but according to our information, it will not be just an extended CX-60, but a car with unique design elements. Spy pictures circulating on the Internet also indicate that the shape of the new model is much closer to the American CX-90, which is even more robust according to local customs.

However, the range of engines should copy the CX-60. It will certainly feature a plug-in hybrid combining a 2.5-liter gasoline four-cylinder with an electric motor with a system output of 241 kW. However, we assume that more customers will prefer traditional turbodiesels. They have six cylinders with a volume of 3.3 liters, which are almost unheard of today! The weaker 137 kW version spins the rear wheels, the stronger 187 kW version is four-wheel drive. An eight-speed automatic is standard for both.

Photo: Mazda

Mazda wants to attack the premium segment with its new products, the CX-60 and CX-80 have BMW X3 and X5 respectively in their sights.

A few months ago, in connection with the Japanese brand, there was also talk of a six-cylinder gasoline engine that was supposed to appear under the hoods of both SUVs. Actually, it was another evolution of Skyactiv-X technology, which is often referred to as “gasoline diesel” due to its atypical properties. But now it’s quiet on the footpath, so we have to wait some more time for further official information.

And when will the new CX-80 actually be presented to the world? The premiere of the large family Mazda is planned for the spring of this year, the first pieces should appear on Czech roads before its end. We are also curious about the price rebound from the “sixties”. The one with the current 50,000 bonus costs from 1,207,590 CZK for the weaker turbodiesel, 1,340,990 CZK for the more powerful, and 1,293,090 CZK for the plug-in hybrid.