This name has an obvious origin, it is a tribute to the Italian city of Milan, where the car company was founded on June 24, 1910. The company still has two symbols in its logo referring to Milan – it is a cross, the historical symbol of the capital of Lombardy, and the Biscione snake, the coat of arms of the noble Visconti family and one of the most famous emblems of the city. In addition, for more than 60 years (1910 to 1972) the word MILANO was located at the bottom of the logo.

With the new model, Alfa Romeo will return to the B segment after years, which it left after the end of production of the MiTo model in 2018. However, it will enter it for the first time with a crossover or SUV. The Milano model should use the technology of the Stellantis concern, it will certainly be based on the CMP (STLA Small) platform and will be related to cars such as Jeep Avenger, Peugeot 2008 or Fiat 600.

The premiere will take place in April, of course in Milan, with Alfa Romeo likely to present a 100% electric version first. However, the car will also be available with internal combustion engines.

As for the appearance, the company talks about a new design that “fully embodies the DNA of the brand consisting of noble Italian sports style”.

Well-known designer and virtual artist Lars Sältzer, appearing on Instagram under the name LARSONdesign, is trying to guess what the new product might look like. Lars comes up with his own vision, in which he offers an urban crossover with distinctive front parts and an interestingly designed rear – mainly thanks to the remarkable headlights on both ends of the car. There is also a classic radiator grille. We will find out how much Lars hit in April at the latest.

In addition to the Milan, Alfa Romeo is also preparing its first model, which will be available exclusively with an electric drive. It should arrive in 2025. And in 2027, the Italian car company’s offer should be 100 percent electric.