Last year, the domestic brand started expanding into the promising Vietnamese market. For now, cars are driven there, and production is also planned.

In 2023, Škoda selected a local partner for the Vietnamese market – Thanh Cong Motor Vietnam. New cars are gradually replacing the popular mopeds here, and sales reach three hundred and fifty thousand cars a year. This year, the plan is to start production directly in Vietnam in the form of so-called CKD (Completely Knocked Down), i.e. disassembled cars, intended for assembly at the given location. The kits will be shipped from India, the manufacturing plant is already growing in Quang Ninh province.

The cheapest new Škoda Kodiaq in the Czech Republic just looks cheap.  It has a popular engine and luxury equipment

Currently, Kvasin cars are delivered to Vietnam, namely the Karoq and Kodiaq models. They get from their birthplace to their destination 12,000 kilometers away as the crow flies thanks to a combination of road, rail and sea transport. Right in Kvasiny, the vehicles are equipped with special protective transport foils, and they are also secured to prevent damage during transport. Then they head to the so-called transfer room – a building where they are loaded onto double-decker railway cars. Thanks to the construction of the building, it is possible to load both floors at once.

The new Škoda Superb has arrived in the Czech configurator.  It has massages and three-zone climate control for a million!

The train will then depart from Kvasin to Bremerhaven, Germany, where the cars will be loaded onto a roll-on/roll-off ship designed for transporting vehicles. By the way, this type can transport over five thousand cars at once. The ship will then sail to Singapore in a month, where it will be transferred to a smaller ship and then travel to ports in Ho Chi Minh City or Haiphong. There they are picked up by a local carrier who delivers them to car showrooms and dealers.