Ice scraper in the fuel tank cap with a scale for checking tire tread depth. Parking ticket holder on the inside of the A-pillar. Or an integrated funnel in the cap of the windshield washer reservoir. These are just some of the well-known smart details of modern Škoda cars that we love.

However, some interesting and even practical ideas did not last long in the cars of the Mladá Boleslav brand. This is, for example, the unique double opening of the trunk lid in the second generation Škoda Superb introduced in March 2008.

The car was specific in that, thanks to the way the trunk was opened, it was a special cross between a sedan and a liftback. Škoda called this element TwinDoor.

At the push of a button, only the lid opened like in a classic sedan, but with another touch it was possible to open the entire back, including the rear window. The first method was practical, for example, in that the cold air from outside, or the summer heat, did not reach the heads of the passengers when opened. The second, of course, came in handy when loading bulkier items.

Although it was a relatively practical gadget, Škoda soon abandoned it. The TwinDoor lid was used only by the second generation Superb, it did not appear on the successor or any other model. Simply put, this solution would complicate and, above all, make development more expensive.

However, a similar solution can be found in one car of another brand – the BMW 5 GT generation F07 introduced in 2009. That is, shortly after the two-seater Superb.

Also in the case of this car, the user could choose whether to open only the lid with a smaller cargo opening, or the entire rear part including the rear window. Even in BMW, this solution did not survive more than a single generation, the successor of the BMW series (G32) revealed in 2017 already had a hinged entire part including the rear window. So it was a classic liftback.