Some companies will show off the latest AI monitors, TVs or laptops at CES, while others will show off a toilet seat that you can talk to. Kohler, which makes bathroom fixtures, will present in Las Vegas next week PureWash E930 toilet seat. This accessory is compatible with most oblong toilet bowls and turns a stupid toilet into a smart toilet with Alexa or Google Assistant.

At $2,149, the PureWash E930 is certainly not cheap, but it could save you the cost and hassle of installation compared to full-fledged smart toilets.

PureWash E930 can open and close the cover hands-free, when it detects motion. It has self-cleaning mode, which uses a built-in UV light. You can control the smart seat hands-free using Alexa or Google Home. Amazon and Google voice assistants can turn on the bidet spray, hot air dryer and UV cleaning on command.

Can be chosen front and rear wash modes, seat heating and remote control with two programmable presets. Before use, the bidet automatically mists the toilet bowl for more effective flushing when flushing. The water temperature and pressure are adjustable and you can choose between oscillating or pulsating sprays, you can also choose a children’s mode for very gentle and gentle washing. As for drying, a hot air system with adjustable temperature is available. The cutting board is also equipped with LED lighting.