Riot Games has released a brand new teaser for the highly anticipated the second season of Arcane, which should appear on Netflix this November. The main plot of Arcane focuses on the relationship between sisters and rivals, Vi and Jinx, who find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict between the utopian city of Piltover and the oppressed underground city of Zaun. He appears in the new trailer the man who became a werewolf, Warwickand also mad chemist Singed, who created Shimmer, the drug that appears at the center of the story. The second season seems to deliver even more fantasy action than the first row. You can watch the teaser at the end of this article.

In addition to the release of a new teaser, the development studio Arcane has also made the opening of the 2024 season in League of Legends a number of other announcements and revelations. He is one of them the arrival of Vanguard in LoL in an effort to combat the growing number of bots in the game, as well as in response to disruptive smurf accounts (ie new accounts created by experienced players looking to get into matches against lower ranked players) and the increase in scripting.

Vanguard debuted as Riot’s anti-cheat system in Valorant. Its implementation aroused controversy, since can gain access to the core of the player’s computer. Anyway, Riot said that Vanguard will allow it to end live matches and refund players LP when it detects that they have been playing against cheaters and bots.

Riot also does changes to the in-game rating system and in how it evaluates players’ skills. The developer claims that this will reduce the number of matches between players with significantly different ranks, which would then translate into fewer cheaters that could make the games much less enjoyable.


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