Weird pet-related tech makes an appearance at CES on a regular basis, and this year is no exception. Swiss start-up Flappie introduced an AI-powered cat door that automatically locks if your kitty tries to bring prey she’s caught from outside over the threshold.

It is located on the outside of the door motion sensor and camera with night vision. Flappie says that over the years it has collected a huge amount of data not only on individual cat species, but also on their prey. The company said its AI-powered detection system is why more than 90 percent accurate cases, which means that in some cases the cat can still bring the mouse (or other prey) inside. If the cat drops the prey, the door will unlock immediately. There are several on the inside of the door manual switchesso the owner can lock and unlock them at any time, as well as turn off the loot detection system.

The company has also integrated Flappie into its cat doors chip detector. So if your pet is microchipped, you can arrange for the cat door to open only for a specific pet. And of course it is available applicationso you can control the door from your phone.

For now, Flappie plans to launch its pet door in Switzerland, Zurich and Germany this spring, with other countries planned later.