Aristocratic carriages, exotic super sports and opulent SUVs. In the Czech Republic, expensive cars had a harvest last year.

The Association of Automobile Importers has published statistics for the past year. We can thus see the registration of new passenger cars in the Czech Republic for the period from the first to the end of the twelfth month of 2023. The change in taxes for passenger vehicles from 2024 promised that last year luxury car dealers in our country should have a harvest. From 1.1. the maximum possible VAT deduction is CZK 420,000, which is a car worth two million without tax.

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So, according to the statistics, how did premium brands perform in the Czech Republic, and what is the difference compared to 2022? The statistics show that every car manufacturer producing luxury and exotic cars did much better on our market than the year before. You can find the table below. However, the argument can be that in 2022 the automotive industry was suffering from a shortage of semiconductors and new vehicles in general, so if the situation was even a little better last year, sales would clearly be better.

Last year’s great sales were caused by multiple factors. One of them is the already mentioned change in the deduction of VAT, which certainly played a role in that, however, it cannot be generalized and say that entrepreneurs flocked to showrooms and stood in line for Ferraris and Lamborghinis. First of all, no one will forgive them the car taxes anyway, the VAT deduction is not a discount.

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Secondly, a significant factor is the model offensive, which we could see, for example, at Porsche. A huge increase was seen here, by more than 250 cars. The in-depth facelift of the popular Cayenne SUV was a big help in this. Ferrari has the 296 GTB, which is followed by many others, including the open version of the Roma. Maserati again has three new models, including the SUV Grecale, and this year we can expect the arrival of even more electric versions of the Folgore.

Registration of luxury and exotic cars in 2022 and 2023
Mark The year 2023 The year 2022
Alpina 35 28
Alpine 20 8
Aston Martin 35 14
Bentley 71 64
Ferrari 150 112
Lamborghini 71 52
Maserati 59 39
Porsche 814 560
Rolls-Royce 43 37