More cars rolled off the production line in Nošovice last year than last year in 2017. The Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech (HMMC) plant exceeded the production plan by 12,000 cars. “Successful production results were helped by the stabilization of supplies of semiconductors and other parts, significant demand for our cars and higher production efficiency,” said HMMC President Changki Lee.

The proportion of electric cars produced in Nošovice is increasing. “The annual production of the Kona Electric reached the level of the i30 model line for the first time, this year the share of electric cars will increase again,” said plant spokesman Petr Michník. In 2023, cars with diesel engines made up only seven percent of the production of the Silesian plant.

Even in 2023, the largest share of production fell on the Tucson model, which accounted for approximately 72 percent of total production. About two out of every five Tucson models produced are hybrid or plug-in hybrid. “The i30 and Kona Electric models both had a share of thirteen percent, and the other two percent belonged to the sharp sports car i30 N,” said Michník.

Cars from Nošovice traveled to 73 destinations last year, most to Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Poland. Almost half of last year’s plant production went to these five countries. Less than five percent of the production was intended for the Czech market.

“Apart from Europe, cars from Nošovice also travel in large quantities to countries in the Middle East, Mexico, but also to Morocco, Ecuador and Australia. Exotic destinations with dozens of delivered cars include, for example, Brunei, Madagascar, Chile and Salvador,” said Michník.

The share of manufactured cars with manual transmissions also fell, to 24 percent. Therefore, at the end of February, the automaker will end the production of manual transmissions in the Převodovkárna 1 hall, which, similarly to the former Převodovkárna 2 hall, will become the operation of the company Mobis focused on the assembly of batteries for electric cars.

However, the announced mass layoffs did not happen, only less than two dozen people left the company. “The majority of Převodovkárna employees across all professions will find a replacement position at another workplace in HMMC,” confirmed Michník.

The plant produced 186,500 manual transmissions last year. Approximately 120,000 of them went to the Kia plants in Slovakia and HAOS in Turkey. Year-on-year, it was about a fifteen percent decrease.

On the basis of the collective agreement concluded last year, the salaries of employees have risen by an average of 7.8 percent since January of this year. “An employee in the position of operator 3, which is the most common at the HMMC plant, will thus improve his basic salary by 3,000 crowns per month,” said Michník. According to him, the average monthly earnings in blue-collar positions in 2023 reached 55,497 crowns.

The factory in Nošovice is the only Hyundai production plant in the European Union. It now produces the Tucson, the i30 in several variants and the Kona Electric. The plant has more than 3,200 employees, with another 8,700 working for its direct suppliers. In 2022, the company’s profit increased by 2.05 billion to 10.96 billion crowns and sales by 27.31 billion to 167.73 billion crowns.