There are always a number of surprises at CES. This year, Samsung during the First Look event introduced the world’s first transparent MicroLED display.

Although it’s not yet known how much the display will cost or when the technology will hit stores, Samsung showed off not one, but three different transparent MicroLED displays. Each one had a slightly different design. Two of the demonstration units were equipped with tinted glass, which made it easier to ignore any distracting objects behind the panelwhile the third display appeared to be as transparent as regular glass while boasting a bezel-less design.

In person, the effect that Samsung’s transparent micro OLED displays have is hard to describe because the image looks almost like a hologram as it floats in the air. All of the demo displays were free-standing and only about a centimeter thick, adding to the illusion of a floating holographic image. In addition, thanks to the high pixel density of the microdiodes, the image looked incredibly sharp. Samsung has only uploaded one vertical demonstration video so far:

According to a Samsung representative transparent MicroLED displays have a higher brightness compared to transparent OLED panels, and therefore they are also less affected by ambient light. The bad news is that with Samsung’s current generation of non-transparent MicroLED TVs currently costing $150,000 for a 110-inch model, it will be a long time before these new displays become affordable .