This year we will see a brand new Lancia Y with technology from the Stellantis group. But the current one is still doing very well.

The Lancia car company has been struggling for a long time with only one model, which is the city hatchback Ypsilon. The current generation of this car was introduced back in 2011, so this year it will be thirteen years. But the Italians absolutely love this car, at one point it even had better sales in Italy than Alfa Romeo in the whole of Europe. And she continues in figure skating this year as well.

Lancia is commemorating 50 years since the grandiose entry of the Stratos into rallying.  He is still an inspiration for the brand

In 2023, 44,743 new Lancia cars were registered, making the brand an improvement of 9% compared to 2022. On the Italian market, with this number, it ranks 3rd. In second place is the Dacia Sandero with 48,398 units and the first place is occupied by the indestructible Fiat Panda with 102,625 units. At the same time, Lancia Y has a 14.9% share of segment B in Italy. For comparison – Toyota Yaris has a share of 10.59% in the small car segment in our market, Škoda Fabia 46.86%.

The success of Lancia is not difficult to estimate. It’s small, pretty and cheap. The ideal car for Italian towns. The complete base costs 10,900 euros with a state eco-bonus when using financing. The future of the Lancia car company is already lined up. Soon we will see a new generation of the Y model based on the Peugeot 208. We are also expecting a larger sedan and the new Delta, but always with technology from the Stellantis group.

The Lancia Delta Safarista is meant to make owners frolic on the gravel.  But at that price, we doubt it

Already this year, Lancia is expanding to other markets outside of Italy. It is fully produced in a total of six countries – Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. The Czech Republic has not yet been discussed, but expansion to other markets is expected. Italian cars generally do not have a very good market share in our country, which is a great shame, but it would still be a shame if we were deprived of Lancia.

The best selling cars in Italy for 2023
Order Mark Model Quantity
1 Fiat Panda 102.625
2 Dacia Sandero 48.398
3 Lancia Ypsilon 44.891
4 Toyota Yaris Cross 34.981
5 Fiat 500 32.981
6 Volkswagen Barter 32.969
7 Renault Capture 31.128
8 Citroën C3 31.059
9 Ford Puma 30.804
10 Dacia Duster 30.155


Lancia, founded in 1906, is one of the world’s oldest car companies. The first car was created in 1908.

Lancia remained independent until the 1960s. But in 1969 it was taken over by Fiat, where it has the role of a more luxurious alternative to its cars. From 2021, Lancia belongs to the Stellantis group.

Lancia Ypsilon