The third successor of the Dacia Duster was introduced to the world in the autumn of last year. The novelty pleasantly surprised in terms of design and technology – it still remains a robust SUV, but with a significantly more modern look and also a better quality cabin, which does not lack a plethora of useful modern gadgets. It was certain that the novelty would be more expensive than its predecessor, the question remained by how much. We are getting the answer now with the unveiling of the first prices.

The Romanian representative office revealed the prices for customers there. They may differ from the Czech price list, which we expect to be published in the next few weeks, but probably not dramatically.

Let’s just remind you that the current price list of the old Duster starts at CZK 410,500 for the initial Expression equipment and a 90-horsepower three-cylinder engine. The offer continues to include a turbodiesel with an output of 115 horsepower, which will cost at least CZK 467,500. The same engine is also capable of all-wheel drive in the higher Journey trim and costs from CZK 566,000. And the most expensive Duster? It has a four-cylinder gasoline engine, four-wheel drive and a variety of Extreme equipment. Even such a car can fit under the threshold of 600 thousand crowns, it costs 595,600 CZK.

Photo: Dacia

Cheap car? Nowhere. The new Duster has eighteen-inch wheels, fog lights, automatic air conditioning, hands-free card, digital instrument panel, infotainment with built-in navigation, but also wireless smartphone charging.

Prices of the new Dacia Duster (2024)

A look at the Romanian price list shows that the third generation starts at CZK 463,000 for a three-cylinder petrol LPG engine. This is an alternative that makes sense for an affordable brand, after all, last year alone, 34% of all new Dacias had this type of drive. On the other hand, the manufacturer dropped the turbodiesel, LPG in the offer is complemented by a new 1.2-liter three-cylinder and a 140-horsepower hybrid.

It sits at the absolute top of the range, the 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine is complemented by two electric motors and an electrified automatic transmission. System power is 140 horsepower and up to forty percent fuel savings are promised. Such a car in the highest level of equipment costs CZK 656,000 in conversion.

The prices revealed for domestic customers therefore indicate that Duster will become more expensive between generations, but given the rising prices of competitors, it should still be one of the most affordable SUVs on the market. Although it lost the diesel engine, the range of engines remains very varied and, above all, it includes all-wheel drive, which still makes sense for a car of this size. Although the Duster is more modern, it still expects to be used in more demanding conditions. We can’t wait to try it for the first time!