Visually, it is a shame to change anything on an old Porsche. Here, the designer focused mainly on modern technology and created a perfect connection with modern times.

If you are new to the custom restomod field, take a Porsche 964 or an older model as a base and get to work. The German Reen Cars did the same, which leads its work to achieve driver well-being. The 911 series is famous for communicative and lively handling, which can be enhanced by a tuned chassis and, of course, the engine, which is the strongest point of the RSGT concept.

700 kilos!  That's how much the new Porsche 912 carbon restomod from tuners Kamm Manufaktur weighs

As the name suggests, this is supposed to be a touring GT that will allow you to get off the chain nicely on a winding circuit. In this case, an understated looking machine, the rear-mounted modern flat-six 3.6 liter from the 997 GT3 RS with 415 horsepower. It is transmitted to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual that has been customized. It has a longer 1st and shorter 2nd and 4th gears for you to enjoy more shifting at high revs.

The controller has new maps, while up to 8 different modes can be set on the steering wheel. And that’s not all. The car further adapts to the driver’s current state of mind via electrohydraulic power steering, traction control and automatic speed correction. An active exhaust system provides an adequate background sound. Along with the new heart, a completely new chassis and Brembo brakes have moved into the chassis to keep the dynamic temperament in check.

The BMW 635 CSi received a touch of modernity and a lot of leather.  Looks stunning, only seven will be made

The body retains the original design and does not reveal the transplant to the surroundings. Even so, it took five years to create the first concept. A fixed price is, of course, not set. It is assumed that each piece will be an original and the owner’s character will be imprinted on it with specific elements.