At CES 2024, Sony revealed a new XR headset and drivers focused on creation of spatial content. With a matte gray finish, the headset looks like a chopped-up PSVR2 and appears to have two cameras on the front. It is also available wand controller a smaller periphery similar to ring size. The new hardware is apparently aimed at creators and artists who manipulate products and create them in virtual space. It will be available in 2024, the price has not been announced yet.

Although Sony didn’t go into great detail at the show itself, a press release came out after the show with some key specs. It powers the headset procesor Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 from Qualcomm, which was announced just in time for the opening of the CES trade fair. This means that it is a standalone device that does not need a computer to run. This chip drives two 4K OLED microdisplays.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said the new product will offer a crisp viewing experience and intuitive interaction for 3D design, essentially outlining that it should be equipment intended for professionals.

The device has transparent video function and total six cameras and sensors. A pair of controllers was demonstrated, one described as a circular object manipulation controller and the other as a “pointing” controller. Sony anticipates that creators will be able to create 3D models in real time using controllers and traditional input devices such as a keyboard.

“By holding a pointing stick in their dominant hand and attaching a ring stick to the fingers of their other hand, creators can model 3D objects using both sticks and a keyboard while wearing a head-mounted display.”

Sony also mentions the balance of the headset, saying that she tuned the center of gravity perfectly. The display part of the headset also flips up out of the user’s field of vision, allowing work to end without having to completely remove the headset. More details about the new headset will be revealed in the coming weeks.